There is an old Japanese idiom kiyoubinbou (器用貧乏 (きようびんぼう)) which, loosely translated, means “Jack of all trades, master of none”.  I think it describes me.  I try a lot of things.  I’m not the best, and I’m OK with that.

Looking around my disheveled desk there is evidence of various “trades” at which I play.  There are some LEDs and pieces for an Arduino along side of plans for the woodworking project I did over Christmas break.  The bookshelves are divided into vague sections of which the two largest are probably computer science and East Asian literature.  From the nearby closet can be seen a box of juggling paraphernalia, “Speckled Jim” (a customized computer keyboard), and a container with a GPS and radio for APRS fun.  Elsewhere nearby are a couple guitars, several harmonicas, various awards from work, a Kermit the Frog puppet, and an ice axe.

There’s no unifying theme to this site nor are there any groundbreaking discoveries revealed.  There’s just some things that have interested me . . .