Position History
Persistent Systems Limited Portland, Oregon
DevOps Architect and Advisory Software Engineer April 2016 - Present
Provided knowledge transfer and training to new employees
Implemented new framework for running system tests on complex environments
Automated product release process reducing time from 2 weeks to four hours
International Business Machines Boulder, Colorado and Beaverton, Oregon
DevOps Adoption Architect and Master Inventor April 2014 - March 2016
Led multi-product adoption of DevOps practices
Designed and implemented integrations to support end-to-end automation
Developed framework to run automated tests in the cloud
Spearheaded team to ensure alignment of rapid delivery of several products
Evangelized and used Docker to improve reliablity and performance while reducing resource requirements
Master Inventor and Advisory Software Engineer October 2011 - March 2014
Led development of internal build tooling
Actively particpated in creating and protected intellectual property (patents)
Overhauled web reporting of build results
Continued leading build tooling UI design and development
Created build orchestration tool that reduced build pipeline run time 50%
Advisory Software Engineer (Build) August 2007 - October 2011
Continued enhancing Rational build tooling
Helped get numerous wayward projects back on track
Designed and implemented key functionality in the building IBM Rational flagship Jazz products
Designed and began implementing UI to support creation, maintenance, and running of builds
Staff Software Engineer (Build) June 2005 - August 2007
Designed build processes for and built various Rational products including RFT, RMT
Enhanced Rational build tooling (CCB) with key functionality including Jazz integration
Staff Software Engineer (Test) November 2004 - June 2005
Led Globalization Testing and Accessibility Testing on Rational Product Updater
Defined globalization standards for componentized Rational Desktop Products
Created and patented prototype of innovative pseudo translation testing tool
Staff Software Engineer (Globalization) February 2003 - October 2004
Led effort to integrate IBM standards into Rational globalization testing procedures
Designed and developed implemented tools to perform pseudo translation and improve globalization processes
Propagated Rational globalization best practices to other software groups in IBM
Rational Software Corporation Boulder, Colorado
Senior Software Quality Engineer August 2002 - February 2003
Led quality engineering team for localized releases of point products including preparation of test plans
Created several internationalization tools to increase testing effectiveness
Helped create company-wide Product Globalization Services team and company globalization policies
Worked with various teams to create and review test plans
Trained teams on internationalization topics including testing, logging defects, code pages, development, and Unicode
Software Quality Engineer December 2000 - August 2002
Lead Tester for first Japanese versions of Rational RequisitePro
Created tooling to accelerate manual testing and expand automated test coverage
Quark Denver, Colorado
Quality Assurance Engineer II August 2000 - December 2000
Led testing of all Quark XML tools
Defined requirements for new product features
Quality Assurance Engineer I November 1999 - August 2000
Responsible for complete testing of Japanese release of Quark XML tools
Increased speed of Japanese releases by identifying defects earlier in process
Novell Provo, Utah
Lab Tester March 1999 - September 1999
Led testing in internationalization lab
Worked with all Novell product groups for testing